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Pelham Life Long Learning 

Feeling unsure about taking the next step towards your goals? You’re not alone! Many people hesitate to join new programs or communities. We understand that. Here’s the good news: our focus is on building a supportive network where everyone feels welcome. We partner with local organizations to make valuable resources and opportunities accessible. Ready to explore your options in a judgement-free environment? Visit our Learn More page to discover initiatives, partnerships, and ways you can connect with others on their learning journeys.

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Building a Thriving Community Through Collaboration and Engagement

Our mission is to foster a thriving and inclusive community where all residents have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We believe that achieving this goal requires a collaborative approach, built on strong partnerships and a deep understanding of community needs.

Engaging the Community: We are committed to fostering active engagement with all segments of our community. This includes creating inclusive and accessible opportunities for residents to voice their concerns, share their aspirations, and participate in shaping the future of our community. We will achieve this through regular communication channels, community forums, and collaborative initiatives.

Strengthening Partnerships: We recognize that no single organization can achieve lasting change alone. That’s why we are dedicated to building strong partnerships with local organizations, faith-based institutions, government agencies, and the private sector. Through collaborative efforts, we will leverage our collective resources and expertise to address community needs more effectively.

Empowering Residents: We are passionate about ensuring that all residents have access to the resources and opportunities they need to achieve their personal and family goals. This includes providing support services, educational opportunities, and economic empowerment initiatives. By promoting access to these resources and opportunities, we aim to empower individuals and families to thrive and contribute fully to the life of our community.

By implementing this multi-faceted approach, we can cultivate a vibrant and flourishing community where everyone has the chance to succeed.

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Youth/Young Adults

We support youth and young adults ranging from ages 7-18. We provide them with many benefits that will help them succeed in the future. We provide exciting extracurricular opportunities as well as field trips. Our goal is to help youth create meaningful friendships and connections within the community. Making sure that our youth graduate from high school and have solid post-grad plans.

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For our residents we provide coffee hour weekly and the opportunity to meet your neighbors with creative activities every other week. We also offer the same helpful services of making printing, faxing and making copies available for them as needed. Our center is open to support their needs.

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Head of

Pelham Life Long Learning 

Selena Rodriguez

Selena Rodriguez


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